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    Aper machines: unique patended machines

    The portfolio of Aper’s products allows customers to build the mattresses, sofas, or insulation products they wish for, in the way they prefer. In recent years Aper has produced unique patented machines that allow to automate the assembly process of mattresses and multi-layered insulation products, and to simplify and improve the production of upholstery in the field of furniture.
    These solutions grant our customers exceptional savings, high-quality products and labor cost reduction, and the ability to be highly competitive

    The advantages of choosing them:

    Production increase
    Process automation
    Glue economy of up to 50%
    Labor reduction
    Overspray elimination
    Quick drying time
    Utmost application ease
    Utmost production speed
    The possibility of working in line
    Labor cost reduction
    High quality of the finished mattress or multi-layered insulation product