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Automated machines for bonding and matching process.

Aper s.r.l.

Nowadays being competitive is a fundamental goal for any company wishing to achieve constant significant developments. In order to reach this goal, it is essential to take advantage of all the technological innovation available.
Thanks to its considerable experience in the foam sector, and aware of the needs of the companies producing mattresses, upholstery and insulation products, Aper s.r.l. has designed and built automated machines that efficiently solve any issues concerning bonding and matching, and optimize the entire production process.

APER, drastically reduces glue consumption, production time, and labor costs.

Bonding: +75% productivity

The technology we offer enables productivity to rise up to 75% thanks to the fully-automated handling of the processes of bonding and matching, and drastically reduces glue consumption, production time, and labor costs.
These fundamental goals can be achieved through a price-performance ratio that is unmatched in the market, while also safeguarding the operators’ health and safety.

Aper is an innovative company in the fields of polyurethane, mattresses, upholstery, and insulation materials.

Automated machines for mattresses.

Aper S.r.l. produces highly-technological automated systems for gluing and bonding. Aper is an innovative company in the design and production of spraying- and lamination-technology in the fields of polyurethane, mattresses, upholstery, and insulation materials. Aper has also designed technologies that allow for the complete automation of the production process of mattresses.

The systems employed by Aper S.r.l. for loading, gluing, bonding, cutting and are state-of-the-art and allow for the use of any type of glue, including water-based, hot-melt, polyurethane hot-melt, and PCM coating.

Aper s.r.l.

The advantages of choosing it.

Production increase
Process automation
Glue economy of up to 50%

Labor reduction
Overspray elimination
Quick drying time
Utmost application ease
Utmost production speed
The possibility of working in line

Customized and innovative solutions

Automated machines for bonding and matching process.

Aper S.r.l. offers you customized innovative solutions on production lines, materials used and technologies employed in the mattresses, upholstery and insulation production process.

Industrial automation

Aper engineers have several years of experience in industrial automation. Consequently they are expert in the assembly of mattresses, and have acquired a know-how that allows Aper machines to adapt to market evolution and even be ahead of market needs.

Aper automated solutions allow to radically optimize the production process of foam, pocket and bonnel mattresses, minimizes wastefulness and guarantee the highest quality of finished mattresses. Aper produces quality; this is why we use components produced by the best brands on the market, and rely on international suppliers. We are thus able to guarantee top-notch efficiency and the best performances on the market.

Unique patended machines

The portfolio of Aper’s products allows customers to build the mattresses, sofas, or insulation products they wish for, in the way they prefer. In recent years Aper has produced unique patented machines that allow to automate the assembly process of mattresses and multi-layered insulation products, and to simplify and improve the production of upholstery in the field of furniture.
These solutions grant our customers exceptional savings, high-quality products and labor cost reduction, and the ability to be highly competitive

Labor cost reduction
High quality of the finished mattress or multi-layered insulation product


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Automated machines for bonding and matching process. Aper s.r.l. Aper is a leader in providing high-quality, innovative solutions that meet the demands of the rapidly evolving mattress industry. With automated adhesive solutions [...]

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