Aper innovative solution for gluing and spraying.

Aper S.r.l.  is a proud manufacturer of highly technological and automated systems for gluing with automatic gluing laminating and spraying machines.

Aper S.r.l lines allow an accurate application of glue (water based, hot melt, thermo glue and PCM) over foam, polyester layers and plates.

Aper S.r.l, with its young yet skilful and qualified staff, will give you plenty of reasons to switch to Aper laminating and spraying solutions.

Whether your main goal is to increase your production, automatize the process, save glue, reduce labour or avoid glue overspray, Aper can customize the solution according to the customer’s needs.

Solutions that adapt to the market need

The mattress industry has dramatically changed in the recent years and is experiencing new trends both in terms of materials that make up the mattress and in terms of sales and delivery methods.

We have noticed an increase of innovative materials that might be very difficult to bond. At the same time the glue industry has developed innovative water-based adhesives which are faster, cheaper, flexible, with quick drying times and high-tack.

Aper laminating and spraying technology can minimize the adhesive consumption up to 50% less than the competitor’s roll-coat machines. The minimized curing time means cost savings for manufacturers and optimisation of the assembly work which can be fully automatic or semi automatic when the mattress manufacturing process requires operator intervention.

The automation proposed by Aper is flexible and guarantees high efficiency thanks to solutions that adapt to the market needs.

All Aper S.r.l solutions can be developed step by step, from the automation of the polyurethane sheet’s loading up to the boxing, avoiding glue drying times.

Aper innovative solution for gluing machines

Whether one-component or two-component adhesive, roll-on or sprayable applications, Aper gluing machines will increase ease of application, cost efficiency maximizing the quality of current powerful adhesives that offer faster dry times, better bonding strength and improved flexibility.

Of major importance is the need for speed, together with the excellence of the mattress in our very competitive sector.

Aper supports mattress manufacturers in working in line, avoiding wasting space, time and labor. The finished mattresses can then be quickly transferred to the delivery trucks and reach the end customer as quickly as possible.

We have several years of experience in industrial automation.

Aper constantly focuses on innovative solutions to respond to a demanding and in constant evolution market. Aper staff has several years of experience in industrial automation.nAper engineers  are expert in mattress assembly, they know how to adapt to the evolving market and they always focus in anticipating the polyurethane’s  market needs. Aper listen to the customers’ requirements by partnering with customers and co-suppliers.

Aper develops and proposes specific products and solutions to respond to the customers’ needs always proposing innovative and highly efficient solutions.

Aper wide portfolio allows the customers to build the mattress they want in the way they prefer.

Unique and patented machines that automate the assembling mattresses

In the last few years, Aper has introduced some unique and patented machines that automate the assembling mattresses process. These solutions guarantee to our customers products of high final quality, an exceptional cost and manpower savings in order to be always as much competitive as possible.

Aper fully automatic solutions can drastically reduce the production cycle time of your foam, pocket and bonnel mattresses while minimizing the waste, always guaranteeing the excellence of your mattresses.

If you are interested in seeing how Aper machines are made and how they work, together with few examples of fully automatic solutions, you can enjoy the videos on Aper web site www.apersrl.com or on Aper Youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/apersrl.