Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt that may have the function of assembly belt, buffer belt or simply to transfer the product.
The conveyor belt can be equipped with a button panel to control the line or some machines that compose the line.


NT Conveyor belt Aper

NT Conveyor belt

NT Conveyor belt: one of the many accessories available for Aper machines

Aper offers you a series of accessories designed to increase the performance of the machines and grant the qualitative excellence of the finished mattress. These accessories are: SPC or PCM steel-plate structures for the housing of, respectively, 500-kg or 1,000-kg glue tanks – the structures are positioned on the top of the machine to maximize the space; the DA detaching device that allows to operate on thin slabs; the AX-CAT automatic spraying unit for the second component; the BDA alignment bar; the WS-IR automatic device for roller-cleaning and glue-hydration; and all the systems that automatize the loading and unloading of pallet.

You will be able to define with us the production line that best suits your needs, with the certainty that your solution will always guarantee top-notch efficiency and performance.

Discover all the accessories designed by Aper, or, for more information, contact us our sales agents at: info@apersrl.com or explore our commercial network